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Discussion in 'General' started by notbostrom, Sep 23, 2022.

  1. notbostrom

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  2. The Todd

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    They had me at 4.5L Twin Turbo....
  3. Nick_OMC

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    Holds all the water and all the upper cuts
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    Is that a Gladiator?
  5. notbostrom

    notbostrom DaveK broke the interwebs

    G wagon
  6. bleacht

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    Not enough buttons…
  7. And I thought the Tesla truck was assugly....

    That thing is so fucking ugly, that it looks intentional. It was as if they were like "Lets see how ugly we can make this bastard".
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  8. Johnny B

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  9. Hey now damnit, I had an Escalade EXT. I ordered one back when they were first released. I actually liked it and used the bed quite a bit, because I would put gear in the back of it when going to race.

    But I blew the motor with less than 25k miles. Slung a rod completely through the block while pulling a trailer to go race at Nashville.

    GM tried to put it on me. They got in the black box and were like "Do you realize this engine was over 5,200rpm when it let go? And weren't you pulling a trailer?".

    I was like "If I can do it, the truck should be able to take it. If that motor cant handle 5,200rpm then you should have put a rev limiter on it. If it cant handle pulling a trailer, then you shouldnt have put a towing package on it. If it cant handle 5,200rpm while pulling a trailer, then there should be a separate rev limit that kicks in when a trailer is connected. If the truck cant take it, then I shouldnt have the ability to do it".

    They had to get a new 6.0L crate motor sent down from Detroit. In the meantime, I bought a 3/4t Crew Cab diesel. I wanted something that I can drive how I want and cant tear up. :D
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