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Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by jlogalbo, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    2009 SXV 550

    Listing this as a feeler. If it sells it sells, if it doesn’t…I will continue to race it

    Bike was originally built by Amuari Nunez (Aprilia Factory Supermoto Crew Chief )

    Was completely rebuilt by Allen Noland of Noland Transworld Cycles Spring 2018
    *Can provide all receipt showing all new parts as well as Alan’s Facebook posts showing the rebuild
    Lightweight factory race kit stator
    Lightweight factory race kit flywheel
    Factory Kit wiring harness (no lights etc..)
    Decked heads (to improve compression …note this does not mean they are ported)

    Power Commander 5 mapped for premium pump

    Motor 72 hp on eddy current dyno in Colorado Springs, Colorado (Eddy Current reads different than the dyno jet dynos)

    Davey Durrell modified forks and shock for road racing (stock height)….

    GPR Damper (only a few in existence)

    Arrow full ti undertail exhaust

    Accossato 16*16 brake master

    Aprilia Kit lightweight front rotor

    Clean title in hand

    This bike is a total blast to race. I have raced it for the last 4 seasons very reliably (regardless what your read on the internet about this model)

    In it's current sent up (gearing, suspension etc... ) is meant to road race.

    Asking $5250

    *Again this isn’t a distressed sale. If it doesn’t sell I will continue to race it…what does that mean? It means I won’t give it away! The rear stand shown in the pictures is not included

    Any questions please let me know.

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  2. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    Bike is in Colorado? Looks like you work/own a cycle shop, any interest/experience shipping the bike?

    What's the top speed in the current gearing? How many seasons/races since rebuild. These things even have odometers?

    I would love me an SXV... droooooollll
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  3. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    Nope don’t currently own a shop. However used to own an e store and sold a number if quickshifters on this board.

    I have shipped a number of bikes in the last few years via a couple of shippers. If I am arranging I will only used Tim at motoshippers. However I have dealt with a few others,

    In stock form they do have odometers however with the race harness that has been removed.

    I really don’t have an accurate top speed my best guess is 120

    The motor has seen 6 sprint races and approx 5 hours of practice since engine rebuild. Prior to the rebuild the motor was raced for 3 full seasons with only oil changes and one valve adjustment
    Yes in a suburb of Denver Colorado

    I think I answered all of your questions please let me know if would like to talk more

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  4. John Hancock

    John Hancock Well-Known Member

    What class do you race this in? And how competitive is it?
  5. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member


    I race with the MRA in Colorado.

    I race ( or raced depending on the year) the following classes with the bike

    Lightweight gp
    Supermoto (road race only)
    Modern vintage GTU
    Supertwins GTU
    Colorado class

    It has proven to be very competitive. The only thing holding it back is the rider. I have many trophies and season ending awards from the last 4 years...unfortunately no championships
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  6. tenracing

    tenracing to finish first, one must first finish.

    curious, are parts for these still plentiful?
  7. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    AF1 can get any stock parts I have ever needed.

    When Allen was doing the motor I also discovered he had a connection in Europe as well
  8. Trevor636

    Trevor636 Well-Known Member

    Used to have one of these for a canyon carver. The most amazing all around performing bike ive ever owned out of all the lightweight twins and supermotos ive had. I entered a supermoto race one time with it 100 percent stock except for tires and won against built 450s and ktm 690s they have such a power to weight advantage.
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  9. Algonquin

    Algonquin VRRA and DOCC no.92

    Sharp machine and well setup! Weight around 265 lbs as raced?

  10. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    I have never put it on a scale, but my best guess is roughly 260 -265.

    A tubeless kit could save a few more lbs.
  11. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    Still for sale
  12. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    Someone buy this before I do...
  13. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    JCW...may be easier if you just pick it up :Poke:
  14. JCW

    JCW Well-Known Member

    You know what's weird, an ad for the same bike with NO history and minimal info sells and this bike with good history and a seller with good communication doesn't...

    I'll be honest. I want to convert it to a road racer. RS125 fairings, clip on, rearsets, figure out the best geometry attainable and swap forks and custom shock if needed.
    I worry limitations on gearing. I thought i read a 17t front sprocket wont fit without some filing. Are u running out of revs at any of your tracks?
  15. racerx43

    racerx43 Well-Known Member

    Yes 17 is the largest and too small rear and you end up grinding the swingarm protector down. You end up holding the throttle and let it run for long straights. But in the tighter tracks it’s pure magic!
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  16. racerx43

    racerx43 Well-Known Member

    Someone grab this !!! (I was just in Denver I could have brought it home !!)
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  17. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member


    Racerx43 basically gave you all the info before I could get too it.

    One thing I pointed out in the video I sent is yes the chain slider does grind down fast (at my current gearing). However it does last an entire weekend. As a part of pre race prep I just replace it the are $12 or something like that.

    If you look at highplainsraceway.com you will see the track map if our most commonly raced track. At the end of the main straight I am not out of “gear” but due to the lack of aerodynamics I am not accelerating either (wind is holding me back). The successful way to ride it in this configuration is to not win the race on the straight but win it in the corners and shorter sections

    I have seen a few roadracers built for these but only on the internet, never in person. I would think they would be an awesome weapon.
  18. racerx43

    racerx43 Well-Known Member

    I’ll have to bring mine west [​IMG]
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  19. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    ^^ damn that is cool
  20. jlogalbo

    jlogalbo Well-Known Member

    Bump still for sale

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