2019 KTM 790 Duke Race/Track Bike for sale or trade

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Mustang, Aug 29, 2022.

  1. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    2019 KTM 790 Duke track/race bike, 4068 miles

    Woodcraft clip ons, stator cover guard, waterpump cover guard, rearsets, swingarm spools, lever guards, key switch eliminator, footpeg risers

    Armor Bodies solo seat cowl and modified Triumph 675 upper and lower

    Zero Gravity double bubble windscreen

    Modified fuel tank to clear clip-ons

    Driven Racing keyless fuel cap

    GP Suspension fork cartridges with 0.95 springs

    Penske rear shock with remote reservoir

    Galfer custom front brake lines

    EBC GPFAX front brake pads (three rounds on them)

    Brembo 19RCS front master cylinder

    KTM front sprocket 15 tooth

    RK X-ring 520 gold chain

    Akrapovic titanium full race exhaust

    Power Commander V with custom Seacoast Sport Cycle mapping

    Rottweiler O2 sensor dongle

    KTM ABS dongle

    Matris steering damper

    New upper and lower radiator hoses

    JN-Europe anti-slip seat cover

    Race bodywork was originally painted gloss black; all orange, green, and white you see in the photos is vinyl and can be removed.

    This *is* a used race bike. It’s been down on both sides, and as such has some rashed parts. Bodyworked has been patched from the inside when required, and is a great 10/10 or even 5/5 bike visually. Mechanically, it is sound and straight (aside from the custom subframe slider on the left side – those bolts are bent!). I do have the original heelguard for the Akra exhaust.

    $10,000 OBRO – or $12,000 with all spares listed below. Also open to (partial) trades for an Aprilia RS660, or a Middleweight racebike (preferably R6) in very good condition.

    Black KTM front and rear wheel with bearings and rotors

    KTM race seat, unmounted

    KTM quick-turn throttle, uninstalled

    Two new KTM front rotors, uninstalled

    4 or 5 gallons of Motorex Power Syn

    4 or 5 oil filters

    Several sprockets

    New chain, uninstalled

    Many (but not all) stock parts including (but not limited to) headlight, kickstand, some exhaust parts.

    KTM owner’s manual and folio

    Others I am surely forgetting.

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  2. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    More photos

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  3. catahoulabuldog

    catahoulabuldog Well-Known Member

    fast bike for sure. the rider.. ehhh not so much ;) I can vouch for the seller, good dude with a poor choice in cars
  4. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    "Multi-championship-winning bike!" Regardless of the rider :beer:

    That's what all FS posts have to say, right?
  5. wheelz96

    wheelz96 Well-Known Member

    What classes is this bike legal to race in?

    Nice build by the way!
  6. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    Thanks! I have only raced CCS, where it fits into the Lightweight brackets. I'm not sure about any other organizations' rules.
  7. grasshopper

    grasshopper Well-Known Member

    What lightweight classes in CCS?
  8. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    LWSS, LWSB, LWGP, GTL, Formula 40 LW, Thunderbike are all: Twin cylinder, liquid cooled, non-desmodromic valves, up to 800cc

    Link to CCS/ASRA rulebook

    FWIW, I rode this bike to 2nd place nationally in LWSS last year, only bested by now-MotoAmerica rider Gus Rodio. It's a very capable machine!
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  9. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    Bump. New bike is en route, and I'd like to not enter the winter storing this. Make me a reasonable offer! I can also deliver between Boston and NCBIKE between Oct 9-18.
  10. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    Black Friday Sale - $9,000 with all spares I have, including the full set of wheels/rotors. Race seat is gone, but you didn't want that anyway.
  11. jrockcolors

    jrockcolors Well-Known Member

    Where ya located ?
  12. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    Milford, CT
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  13. Mustang

    Mustang TonysTrackDays Instructor

    No takers for Black Friday, so back to $9,999

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