2017 FZ07 MA Twins Class Prepped

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    Taken from Draik's Facebook Post:

    The time has come to sell the mightiest #parkitandpullit machine. If you have followed the Twins Cup series, then you know what this bike is capable of. Consistently on the podium and took a win at Road America.

    2017 Yamaha FZ-07

    Robem Engineering adjustable triples(comes with multiple offset inserts)
    R6 K-Tech RDS Front Forks
    GSXR-600 K-Tech DDS Rear shock with Pro Bypass
    Robem Engineering Rear Linkage Sysytem
    Aluminum Subframe
    Lightweight Wiring Loom
    Rain Light
    ARacer ECU
    ARacer Quickshifter
    ARacer Display(with on the fly map changes)
    ARacer Button Cluster
    ARacer GPS
    ARacer Bluetooth Dongle and Red Access Cable
    Woodcraft Clipons
    Woodcraft Frame Sliders
    CRG RC2 Clutch lever
    CRG Raceline Billet Lever(rashed)
    Radiator Guard
    Lightweight TXP Pegs
    Brembo 19 RCS Mastercylinder
    R6 Calipers With Titanium Bolts
    Underslung Rear Brembo Caliper
    R6 Wheel Conversion
    Roaring Toyz Rear Axle Blocks
    Welded Spools
    GB Racing Shark Guard
    Stainless Braided Brake Lines(Front and Back)
    R6 Quarter Turn Throttle
    520 Regina Chain
    Bored Throttle Bodies
    Carbon Fiber Air Intake system
    Adjustable Aluminum Velocity stacks
    Ported Head
    Lightweight Flywheel and Sprag.
    Backcut/Shimmed transmission
    Carrillo Rods
    Weisco Pistons
    Webcam Cams
    Stiffer Valve Springs
    GB Racing Case Covers
    Full Yoshimura Alpha Exhaust System

    For the first 3 rounds, I had a bent swingers, which was the cause of the bike looking like it wasn't straight. The swingarm has been replaced and the bike has been measured to confirm that it is true.

    Lovingly maintained by #justachassistech (Kurtiss Beauchamp). Comes with some crash spares, gearing, and an extra set of R6 rims. Doesn't include knitting needles, nitrous setup, or sequential turbo system.

    Priced to sell at $14,500. Willing to deliver/meet up to 500 miles from Knoxville, for full asking price. Tennessee Rebuilt Title, IN MY NAME, in hand.

    Feel free to contact myself or my Dad with questions or offers, we will answer you as soon as possible.

    Draik 865-771-2489
    Kurt 812-230-7460 Screenshot_20190903-220330.jpg

    More photos available upon request
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    Was going to ask about the turbo, but you already addressed it, lmao!!!
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    Payday bump.
  4. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans in Mr.Rogers neighborhood

    My check was only $11,500 this week, sorry.
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    We can take that as a deposit, no prob
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  6. drop

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    We go in half. Split seat time
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    Black Friday bump...

    Via Facebook, Draik is offering a $100 referral bonus... send the buyer his way, he'll give you $100 for doing so.

    This is a well sorted bike that managed a 2nd place in the MA Twins class championship ...refined throughout the season to bring it to the point where it is now, better than ever.
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    Buy this, go fast.
  9. RRP

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    I have 8-10 totes full of oiler GSXR parts, plus two frames!


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  10. r6boater

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    That's a generous offer, but I think we will pass.:D
  11. Spang308

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    Are you guys switching classes this year? Just curious. Didn't see any 2020 announcements.
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  12. Mechdziner714

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    Stock 1000 is what I heard...
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  13. r6boater

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    Joining the Air Force.

    Bike still for sale.
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  14. Rising Sun

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    The AIR FORCE?! We talked about this!

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    We did?
  16. Rising Sun

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    Yes ha ha well at least draik and I did.

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    Will include a pile of nice take offs too
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    Bumpy bump
  20. r6boater

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    Feeling it you didn't get all you deserve for Christmas or as if you should shower you lived ones with an awesome machine?

    Then buy this for yourself or them... problem solved!
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