2016 ZX6R Part Out

Discussion in 'Bikes for Sale' started by Mark Pisano, Jun 26, 2022.

  1. Mark Pisano

    Mark Pisano Member

    Call me at (770) 881-1365 Mark Pisano

    Please call or text me for photos.

    All stock parts came off of a 2016 ZX6R with 2,500 miles on it, aftermarket parts only have 2 trackday weekends on them. All parts are in excellent condition.

    Most parts fit from 2009-2021

    $600-Carbon Fiber Hindle full Exhaust with Bolts, Springs & hanger bracket. Minor scratch on can as seen in picture

    $350-Driven Racing TT Rearsets with 2 extra foot pegs

    $100 Motion Pro Rev 2 Throttle with extra reels and set of grips

    $120- Vortex Clip ons with 2 extra bars

    $60- Cox Racing Radiator Gaurd

    $30 K&N Filter

    $30 Woodcraft key switch eliminator

    $15-Driven aluminum front sprocket 15T

    $30- Driven aluminum Rear sprocket 45T

    $15- Driven Sprocket carrier nuts (Blue)

    $110-3 PC set Puig engine covers with hardware

    $50- Bike Master lightweight battery

    $375-Fuel tank with, R&G tank sliders, stompgrip tank pads, keyless gas cap, fuel pump. Tank was spray painted black it was factory white, no dents.

    $750-2016 Frame with Rebuilt title. Frame is very clean 1,000 miles on title printed 6 months ago

    $175-OEM Fuel pump out of 2020 ZX6R 1,000 miles

    $75-Throttle Body with all injectors and sensors attached

    $225- ECU Flashed and tuned by Westside performance in Miami. Tuned with full exhaust, block off plates and K&N filter.

    $175-Front brake calipers with galfer braided lines

    $25-Rear brake caliper with master cylinder cylinder, reservoir, pads and lines

    $75-OEM radiator with overflow canister

    $25-Rear shock

    $150-Swing arm with D.I.D EVR 7 Gold Chain, Woodcraft Toe Gaurd, Vortex swingarm spools, carbon fiber graphics

    $550 Super clean Complete set of wheel with 90 degree valve stems rotors, spacers and Cush drive with Michelin slicks with 4 sessions on them.

    $25-Left side control switches lights,TC,Power modes etc..

    $15- right side control switch on/off/start

    $20-fromt Traction control sensor

    $20-Rear traction control sensor

    $10-OEM clutch Lever

    $25-clutch perch with lever, cable and engine mounting bracket

    $40- OEM Rectifier

    $75-Airbox with velocity stacks- can be modded or oem stacks just tell me which ones you want

    $175-Speedometer / Gauge cluster 10,000 miles

    $25-upper fairing / speedometer bracket

    $75-Ram air intake duct

    $50-Coil packs 4,000 miles

    $100-Upper Triple tree clamp

    $100-complete lower triple tree set

    $10-Rear tire hugger

    $75-complete wire harness

    $10-Front axle

    $10-Rear Axle
  2. evakat

    evakat Well-Known Member

    Where are you located?
  3. Mark Pisano

    Mark Pisano Member

    Jacksonville FL but shipping is available on all items
  4. Neutron Jenkins

    Neutron Jenkins Well-Known Member

    Interested in the frame
    How much shipped to 89032
  5. Mark Pisano

    Mark Pisano Member

    I sent you a message but $800 shipped I’m thinking

  6. bitorius

    bitorius Active Member

    Do you have forks?

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