2007 GSXR 750 ECU flash vs PC V

Discussion in 'Tech' started by "0perator", Jan 27, 2022.

  1. "0perator"

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    I need some advice from someone familiar with 07 GSXR 750. It's obviously an older bike but pretty healthy. I went from oem headers and slash cut with a PC 3 street version and switched to Arrow full exhaust with a flash tune...I actually had the thing flashed twice because I just felt it was lacking and not as fast in the straight. Restrictions are noticeable but that's it. I'm thinking of going back to the PC V this time. So can I run both flash and pc without conflicting each other? Could a fuel map be loaded to the ecu? Kinda lost now and the ones doing the work are taking my money.
  2. DBConz

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    dont mess with a flashed 2006/2007 ECU. maybe 2008-2009.
    get a PC5
  3. "0perator"

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    I think your right. All the flash did was remove restrictions and fan temp. That's all I'm noticing. Nothing for fuel management. With the flash and pc3 still connected it still seemed to zero out the pc. Thank you for your reply.
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    the ECU flash shops i've talked to, they all made it sound like there wasnt much they can do on the 06/07 ECU's. your best bet is to either find a Yoshimura ECU or just put a bazzaz on your stock ECU. the power commanders have a higher failure rate.
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    I don’t know if it’s the same thing for 600 but I have two 2006, one woolich flash and dyno tune (stock header+slip-on), the other one with PC3 and dyno tune (full arrow). Maybe it’s because pc3 only allow basic tuning but the one with woolich has a lot more of low torque ams throttle responce.

    Full exhaust on these bike only add 1-2hp, as long as you remove the catalyc converter.
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    I seem to recall that the 06/07 750 had a slight restriction on the secondaries that the 600 did not (this is from comparing base maps a few years ago using Woolich software). My 07 750 picked up 2-3 hp when I switch from OEM ECU (not flashed) and PCIII to just the Yosh ECU and harness and some basic mapping so it does make a small difference.

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