2007 CBR600rr pipe burning my boots

Discussion in 'Tech' started by nogenius, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. nogenius

    nogenius Member

    Hey guys, anybody ever seen a guard that goes on the pipe just behind the right rearset. For some reason this spot rubs against my A star boots and melts the plastic.

    Need to get either a guard or just pipe wrap. Anybody have the same issues and put pipe wrap on.
  2. nogenius

    nogenius Member

    its a akrapovic pipe btw. Not that that makes any difference, just cant remember if the stock pipe had a guard here or not. I could hunt one down if there was one that came stock.
  3. Denver333

    Denver333 Member

    I have vortex rearsets and I was able to put the stock guard on over the pipe
  4. parapuke

    parapuke Well-Known Member

    I'm running exhaust wrap for that section of the mid pipe with my Leo Vince pipe. I know Leo Vince sells a carbon heat shield too, but the wrap is cheaper and works fine.
  5. kiggy74

    kiggy74 As useful as an...

    Same issue. I ended up wrapping mine...

  6. nogenius

    nogenius Member

    thanks guys, just ended up wrapping it last night. Think it turned out just fine. I have woodcraft rears so I dont know if the guard would fit or not. Just from looking it does not seem like it would. I could not find it with all the stock stuff anyway so the wrap will have to do.

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