2006 F250 CCSB xlt

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    2006 F-250 Super Duty Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel 170k miles

    Up for sale is my 2006 F-250 Super Duty (w/ the infamous 6.0L Powerstroke). This has been our tow vehicle for the last 3 years and I absolutely love it. This truck is fun, it’s fast, and it’ll pull any race car (or 2) comfortably. It’s not a daily driver but it has been meticulously maintained. Owning this truck has not been without drama, but over the years I’ve addressed all the “concern areas” that I am aware of (see below), and it runs like a top currently. Well over $6k worth of upgrades have been installed (see below again). We plan to buy a very large 5th Wheel in the next several years, so I will be upgrading to a DRW. Unfortunately can’t justify keeping both trucks

    Basic things:
    XLT model, Crew cab, 4x4, tow pkg, chrome pkg, bed liner, front bench w/ foldable arm rest

    -Garrett Powermax Turbo
    -Full (proper) EGR delete kit
    -Edge Tuner/gauges/EGT probe installed
    -6” MBRP full turboback exhaust
    -XDP coolant filtration system (will include new filters)
    -Fumoto drain valves and lines added to coolant block for ease of coolant maintenance.

    Interior/Exterior things:
    -2011 Lariat wheels (w/ tpms) AND oem 2006 XLT wheels included.
    -Custom leather seats
    -Pioneer in dash DVD player/upgrades speakers
    -hard wired/mounted radar detector
    -LED head lights
    -bed cover
    -parking sensors
    -back-up camera
    -fold out utility tray under back seat
    -full size spare
    -running boards

    Concern areas addressed: (installed/completed between 140k-143k miles)
    -blue spring update
    -motorcraft oil cooler
    -motorcraft headgaskets/bolts (NOT STUDS)@140k miles
    -motorcraft water pump
    -updated motorcraft coolant reservoir cap
    -head work completed
    -CCV rerouted
    -religious flushing of cooling system. Replaced gold coolant with CAT ELC (red coolant)

    Maintenance things: (replaced less than 100 miles ago)
    -fresh oil (rotella t6)
    -new motorcraft fuel/oil filters
    -new motorcraft air filter

    Oil changed every 5k miles, have documented via Blackstone oil analysis. Also have a history of coolant analysis every 10k miles from Blackstone as well.

    Exterior does have some dings/scratches but this truck has a good documented history. There is a lot of false information surrounding this MY of superduty.. if there are any questions or concerns I would be happy address them. I can also personally attest to everything that has been done to this truck and why it has been done.

    PRICE: $17,000
    Clean texas title in hand.


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  2. RRP

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    Bed length? Sorry, can't quite tell in the pics.

  3. snikwad

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    Shortbed. I can't recall what thy is for the life of me. 6.5' or something like that? I dunno.

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  4. snikwad

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    Just looked it up. 6.75' bed is the short bed length.

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  5. RRP

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    Ten four. Thanks for the update.
  6. snikwad

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    Up ttt

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  7. snikwad

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    Up ttt with it.

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  8. snikwad

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    Bumpity bumps.

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  9. snikwad

    snikwad Well-Known Member

    Sold. Lock it

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