2005 Ducati 749 track bike (NJ)

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    For sale is Track Only 2005 Ducati 749. Asking $4000 OBO
    The Good:
    -Penskee front and rear suspension set up for a 190-200 pound rider.
    -Brembo aftermarket master cylinder
    -Vortex Clip ons
    -Woodcraft Rear Sets
    -Full Termignoni exhaust
    -Power Commander 3
    -Marchesini Wheels
    -EXTRA SET of Marchesini wheels included in deal
    -New front brake pads/speed bleeders.
    -New clutch installed last month (one track day of use)

    The Bad:
    -Bike is due for belts, last changed in 07/2018
    -Bikes bodywork is completely usable but in rough condition.
    -The digital display is slightly damaged, unknown how this happend, came like that from previous owner. All readouts visible except center digit when over 100mph

    I absolutely love this bike but unfortunately at 6'2" I find it to be too small for me. You can see from the photos that the bikes rear plastics have been cut in an effort to make more room. The bike runs beautifully on the track. The bike has a little over 5k on the clock.
    Bike originally built by MarkBilt Racing.

    Photos. https://imgur.com/gallery/NiIa3qD
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    what part of jerzy you in?
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