06 R6 SBK, race proven, w extras, $4k. Maryland

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    Gave myself some time off from racing, but it looks like the fire is gone. I'm just hitting the highlights here, this is intentionally priced as a steal for the person w cash in hand who wants to grab it asap.

    12,229 on ODO (with all the replaced parts it's really only relevant to the frame).

    engine built late sep 2017, won an amateur class championship @ Daytona w CCS, then only did a couple of low-stress track days since.

    markbilt dyno results:
    mr12 125.5/48.3
    100oct 122/47.3

    incomplete highlights of the componentry:

    ohlins front/rear suspension valved by thermosman ("martin cardenas setup" whatever the heck that entails) for a 170lb previous owner. Last refreshed by MRP motorsports.

    full race exhaust
    bdk lightweight race generator kit
    motoholders fairing stay
    brembo 20x18 brake cyl
    fancier rotors for Daytona
    rizoma brake guard
    woodcraft case covers
    ignition delete
    moto d gas cap
    motion pro quick turn throttle (fastest cam)
    gpr dampener
    ek 3d lightweight chain
    power commander 5 w quickshifter
    frame sliders, spools

    Also, whatever spares I have laying around, to include:
    1 extra front wheel
    2 extra rear wheels
    extra rotors
    pit bull stands front n rear
    pc iii (worked fine but wasnt compatible w build)
    unused front pirelli
    some takeoffs if you want them

    Will post pics next.

    email me: tankdriver at outlook,com
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    damn, it's gonna take me a bit to figure out how to resize average sized pics to suit forum limits.

    Here's a melodramatic video f Daytona that gives a sense of what it looks like and what it did for me. Note, all onboard vids are actually from practice, I didnt run the gopro for the important race because I didnt want the distraction.

    sorry folks, I hate the edit now, but it was the best I could do w the scraps I had. shrug
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    the bike's most recent track day, as you can see I was just pacing friends and not being a try-hard anymore.

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    People were walking past pro bikes and then stopping and staring at this bike. Nobody could tell what it was anymore. Tell them it's an XR6.

    I extended the front fairing to create more of a bubble for my 200lb+ self. Smoothed the windscreen area because it sucked to put number plates on the unnecessary curves. Spanned over the unaerodynamic side grooves. Cut the silly yamaha "nose" out of the intake for better ram air. Rounded the upper intake based on aero research (would have done a full circle if it wasnt too much hassle). Reversed side venting ports so they would actually draw air thru radiator. Reshaped tail so air off your back would glide down it (see "kammbach" in car aero).
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    Seller's a good dude.
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    That second video at 2:25 is straight carnage.

    [EDIT: I watched the second video first; the first video is absolutely fantastic - congrats!]
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    Email me pics cash in hand
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    If available please hit me up
    717-943-3419 thanks Ryan
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